Component Control Sieve

RUBERG Components Control Sieves are used for manual feeding of dry bulk goods into containers, mixers or conveying systems. Simultaneously any packaging, foreign bodies, agglomerates etc. are retained.



Operating Method

Materials are manually fed into the RUBERG Components Control Sieves from bags, cardboard boxes or other containers. A vent port for connection to a central dust collection system protects the operator and environment from dust emissions. Materials trickle through a gyratory sieve into the discharge funnel passing an optional magnetic grate. Frangible lumps are broken down by sieve movements. Remains of packing, foreign materials, agglomerates, etc., are removed by the operator. Lowering the convenient access door closes the inlet.

Design Variations

Easy exchange of sieves enables use of various product-optimized mesh sizes. Optional magnetic grates retain steel particles that can be removed outside the machine manually.
Throughput rates depend on product characteristics and mesh sizes of sieves.

  • Dead zone free housing made of stainless steel or special steel
  • Connection for central exhaust system
  • Exhaus system with local disposal
  • Low-noise sifting unit
  • Quick screen
  • Magnetic grates to be cleaned externally
  • Autmatic CIP-System

Technical information

TypeSize of Sieve in mmSifting Area in m²A
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
RKK - 50Ø 5000,16500320725750650955115ø250
RKK - 75Ø 7500,3775042072510009001040390ø300
RKK - 100Ø 10000,691000520725125011501125590ø400
RKK - 125Ø 12501,11250720725150014001200870ø450
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