Humidification System

A durable solution for the continuous water intake at cereals, oleiferours fruits and leguminous plants.

In a high-quality stainless steel or special steel construction the RUBERG humidification system offers the possibility at low operating costs to generate a homogenised mixture through variable dwell time.


Scheme of operation

The product to be moistened is caught in the inlet area by the first mixing tools and carried  on. The individual humidification of the products in the mixing chamber is warrented by adjustable angles of attack of the mixing tools and the circumferential speed adapted to the mixture.

Technical information

TypeDriving power in KWMixing chamber volume in KWPerformance in t/h
Rye, wheat
γ = 0,75 max. 18%
Winter barley
γ = 0,65 max. 18%
Brewing barley
γ = 0,65 max. 18%

γ = 0,60 max. 14%
Peans, beans
γ = 0,70 max. 18%

γ = 0,75 max. 18%
DLM 500-25007,5480504545404550
DLM 600-25001170010085858085100
DLM 800-3000151500150130130120130150
DLM 1000-3000222100200175175160175200
DLM 1000-4000302800250220220200220250
DLM 1200-4000374250300260260240260300
RUBERG humidification systems of all sizes can be made to individual requirements.
Likewise, the inlets and outlets as well as the arrangement of the inspection door can be freely selected.
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