Laboratory Batch Mixer

RUBERG Laboratory Batch Mixers have various applications for laboratories or small production quantities, including development of recipes and product development of pure dry mixes, addition of liquids into dry materials and pure liquid mixes. Also possible is a gentle product treatment for homogenization of sensitive material through to breaking down of agglomerates by using a cutting rotor.

Further options of processing are heating and vacuum mixing. Repoducible trial and comparison mixes are parts of product development and quality assurance which can not be neglected.

Operation Method

Quantities of products are collected in commercially approved barrels and docked to the mixing chamber. The complete unit is swivelled into the working position and the process started. Variable rotational speeds circulate large volumes of the product components in a gentle mixing action. Within a short period of time the optimum mixing quality is archieved and the unit can be swivelled back into base position. The homogenized product is emptied completely into the container which is then undocked and transferred to the further processing.

Design Options

  • Stable desktop model
  • Mobile unit arranged on movable support
  • Cutting rotor for breaking down of agglomerates
  • Addition of fluids by ISR system
  • Heating or cooling jacket with isulation
  • Complete automation of production
  • Computer controlled with report

Technical information

Effective volume in litresTypeA
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
0,5 l - 3,0 lLCM - 3700530800680830
1,0 l - 5,0 lLCM - 5700530800680830
2,0 l - 10,0 lLCM - 10700530800680830
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