An economical solution for cleaning cereals, oleiferous fruits and leguminous plants in recirculating air mode.
Depending on the throughput, varying machine widths are provided in order to achieve the best possible results. In a sturdy sheet steel construction the RUBERG separator offers space saving and user-friendly benefits.


Scheme of operation

Infeeds and inlet manifolds feed the product to be cleaned into the pre-distributor by generating a product veil through the feed flap and feed roller.
Dust and light particles are absorbed by the rising air flow and carried into the separation chamber. Then a screw conveyor transports them sidewards out of the machine.

Technical information

TypePerformance in t/hMotor performance in KW
Rye, wheat
γ = 0,75 max. 18%
Winter barley
γ = 0,65 max. 18%
Brewing barley
γ = 0,65 max. 18%
γ = 0,60 max. 14%
Peas, beans
γ = 0,70 max. 18%
γ = 0,75 max. 18%
Recirculation air fan KWDischarge screw conveyor and feed roll
RS 1000125110110110110125110,55 + 0,55
RS 1500185165165165165185150,75 + 0,55
RS 200025022022022022025018,50,75 + 0,55
RS 3000400330330330330400220,75 + 0,75
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