Continuous Mixer

From 0,5 to 750 m³/h continuous performance with a mixer chamber volume of 70 to 4.250 litres. In corresponding high-quality steinless or special steels. Individually adjustable mixer tools make possible a variable residence time of the product in the mixer chamber. Installation horizontal or at a pitch uo to 45 °. Low operating costs through robust construction. Control flaps over the whole mixing length for cleaning and maintenance. Emptying efficiency > 98% depending on the design and mixer tools.

Loosening, Homogenizing, Agglomerating, Moistening, Conditioning, Liquefying, Gluing, Deagglomerating, Greasing, Granulating, Dispersing, Neutralizing, Molassing, Emulsifying, Dissolving

RUBERG Continuous Mixer

Working method

In the inlet area the continuously fed product is taken up and transported by the first mixer tools. Alternating compressing and expanding working ranges homogenize the mixture. On the basis of the adjustable angled for the mixer tools and the circumferential speed adjusted to the mixture the residence time of the product in the mixer chamber can be varied. The frequent contact of the product with the mixer tools and the speed adjusted to the mixture cause e.g. powders and liquids to agglomerate. The fully developed technology and robust design guarantee faultfree operation with a long service life.

Variants depending on the process technology:

  • Protection against wearing by cast basalt lining
  • Product encrusting prevented by wear-resistant nonstick lining of the mixer chamber
  • Facility for the addition of liquids, vapours, gases and highly viscous media into various operation zones of the mixer tools
  • Continuous throughfeed weighing, with an impact scale, for determining the throughfeed performance as well as for the fully automatic metering of further additives
  • Process monitoring via integrated sensors (power, temperature, moisture, etc.)

TypeMixer chamber volume in litresThroughput performances in m³/hDrive ratings in KWApprox. dimensions
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
DLM   250 - 1500700,5 - 10  2,2 - 11,015002400425425250340
DLM 350 - 15001401,5 - 20 3,0 - 15,015002450475475350440
DLM 350 - 2000190 5 - 50 5,5 - 30,0200025006751100350500
DLM 500 - 250048050 - 8015,0 - 45,0250030408001350500690
DLM 600 - 2500700 80 - 12030,0 - 75,0250031009501650600790
DLM   800 - 30001500120 - 20045,0 - 110,03000375011501900800990
DLM 1000 - 30002100200 - 400 75,0 - 200,0300038501450240010001200
DLM 1000 - 40002800200 - 400 75,0 - 250,0400049501450247510001200
DLM 1200 - 40004250300 - 750110,0 - 315,0400049501550270012001400
RUBERG Throughfeed Mixers of all sizes can be made for individual requirements.
Likewise, the inlets and outlets as well as the arrangement of the inspection doors can be freely selected.

More execution variants and dimension sheet

Dimension sheet



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