On the following pages you will learn everything about our wide range of products. GEBR. RUBERG GmbH & Co KG, the expert for mixing and agricultural technology. Together with our customers, we develop sustainable solutions with high economic benefits throughout the entire product life cycle.

Access to our many years of operating experience, our high performance in plant engineering and construction, as well as the possibilities of carrying out tests in the RUBERG pilot plant mean safety for our customers in plant planning and construction.

For a better overview, the areas of mixing technology and agricultural technology have been separated in terms of content; to switch between the areas, you can use the button in the right-hand navigation bar.

We build your machine for individual requirements.


RUBERG mixing plant construction

We create innovative concepts and solutions for the handling of dry materials for various industries and applications, such as
Food industry, feed industry, spice industry, beverage industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, plastics industry, ceramic industry, glass industry, wood industry, building materials industry, recycling industry, electrical industry, environmental technology.

RUBERG-Silo plant construction

For use in silo plants, warehouses, mills, malthouses, breweries and seed processing plants. State-of-the-art technology is the result of generations of experience.
Take advantage of our competence in the field of pre-cleaning and main cleaning of cereals, oilseeds, legumes, malt, coffee, etc.

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