Conveyor Elements

for ratings from 5 to 1.000 m³/h

RUBERG Bucket Conveyors for vertically transporting bulk materials

RUBERG-Through Chain Conveyors for horizontally and vertically transporting bulk materials

RUBERG Conveyor Belts for loading or emptying warehouses

RUBERG Screw Conveyors for horizontally and vertically transporting, modular design, as pipe or through screw conveyor

RUBERG Bucket Conveyors

Single or double RUBERG Bucket Plant Conveyors, as a belt or chain bucket conveyor with a capacity of 5 to 1.000 m³/h, in normal, stainless or special steel design, custom-made designs also in wood.

  • The ideal solution for vertical transport! Gentle product treatment. Coarse, fine-grained and powdery bulk materials are powerfully and flexibly conveyed.
  • Special building circumstances or deployment locations are a special challenge for us due to the flexible modular design.
  • Performance and product type dictate the design and the bucket type and also the belts. Buckets are available in normal or stainless steel or plastic. Rubber elevator belts are available in normal or oil/grease-proof design.

Design variants

Three-part bucket head with built-in belt disc or chain wheels with solid bearings and a head lining made of non-wearing material. Driven by a hollow-shaft drive motor. With safety equipments such as a non-return device and skewing monitoring.

Rectangular or round normal legs in graduated lengths. Each leg with built-in installation flap and inspection window.

Bucket foot with smooth belt disc, metallic grid disc or chain wheels. Inlet lug on one or both sides. Feed dosing by means of gear racks or hand sliders. With cleaning sliders on both sides. Mechanical equipment to tension the belts or chains with a non-return device and skewing and rotational speed monitoring for safety reasons.

The foot is optionally available as a non-transportable round base design, alternatively with a large output slider below the foot for complete emptying.

Bucket conveyor in a shock pressure-resistant design with a rupture disk and pressure relief channel. All bearings are available with temperature monitoring as an option.

RUBERG Through Chain Conveyors

RUBERG Through Chain Conveyors in flexible design with capacities from 5 to 1.000 m³/h.
Drag link conveyors in an enclosed sheet steel hoursing pull the bulk material completely dust-free.

  • The bulk material is especially gently treated due to the low chain speed.
  • An enclosed housing prevents dust emissions and contamination
  • Infeed and discharge points can be flexibly positioned
  • Correctly sorted emptying is guaranteed by the convex bottom. Plastic drivers ensure quiet operation.
  • Plastic covery are optionally available to minimise drive power output and noise emissions.

The drive unit is in a reinforced sheet steel design with a hardened chain wheel and industrial ball bearings. Drive is provided via a hollow-shaft drive motor with a damped torque support.

Tensioning unit with pull and push spindles to tension the conveyor chain, with built-in deflection chain wheel and industrial ball bearings.

Trough faces available in different lengths. Through chain conveyor with a single floor and threaded guide rail, with ball bearings mounted rollers for returning the conveying chain.
In the version fitted with an intermediate floor, rails help to guide back the chain. The troughs are flanged to allow them to be connected.

Single or multi-line trough conveyor chain with curved, welded or threaded carriers. Bearing bushed, bolts and chain link plates are made of high-quality hardened steel.

Made of normal steel and primed for indoor use. A galvanised and moisture-proof version is available for outdoor areas. Also available in stainless steel, pickled and passivated or ground and glass bead blasted for special applications.

Capacitive overflow sensor, rotational speed monitor and trough sections with inspection window are available as accessories.

Conveyor Belts

To fill the warehouse, the product moves over a stationary conveyor belt to the centre of the warehouse. A lateral conveyor belt distributes the product laterally and axially across the entire area of the warehouse.
In case of sub-divided warehouses, all parts of the warehouse can be accessed by the product by means of swivelling pipes at the discharges on the longitudinal conveyor belt.

Bulk material levelling is achieved by means of a scrabber, belt or screw system.
To empty the warehouse, scrabbers attached to longitudinally moving hoists can be lowered the product removal.


Design variants

RUBERG Conveyor Belts are available as powerful constant conveyors for all typed of cereal, oilseed, feed, fertiliser and other bulk materials.
Various belt widths permit maximum performances from 5 to 1.000 m³/h with a minimum of power.

RUBERG Conveyor Belts are highly suitable for filling and emtying warehouses.
Built in modular form consisting of the drive and discharge unit, the intermediate sections and the tensioning unit.
Drive is provided by a drum motor or a directly coupled drive motor. The tensioning unit is fitted with threaded spindles or counterweights to tension the belts.
The sections with bearing rollers which are two or three-part moulded designs and have belt return rollers. The bearing rollers have maintenance-free ball bearings.
Possible belt widths are 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm, 1.000 mm, 1.200 mm, 1.500 mm and 2.000 mm.
The belt is continuously vulcanised along its entire length.

RUBERG Conveyors Belts can be supplied primed or galvanised in steel or in stainless steel, complete with a galvanised rain hoof if set up outdoors.
Complete with belt feed unit and outlet funnel or belt discharge wagon.
High functional safety is guaranteed by electronic skewing and rotational speed monitors and also optional capacitive overflow sensors in the inflow and discharge funnels.

RUBERG Screw Conveyors

As highly versatile conveyor component which is suitable for all kinds of bulk materials due to its different variants. Minimal space required due to its extremely compact design. It offers a dust-free environment due to a low screw totational speed and an enclosed housing. Screws are available in normal and stainless steel or special steel in all diameters and lengths.

Depending on the application, RUBERG Screw Conveyors are deployed for vertical and horizontal transport. Dosing screws, discharge screws, collecting screws and other variants offer further applications with normal, conical or progressive threads.

Material thickness depend on the application and the deployment area.

Variants are available for foodstuffs and chemical applications in stainless steel and in non-wearing materials for abrasive bulk materials. An anti-adhesion coating for products which backe on is also available.

Short screws are freely mounted on one side; larges ones are produced with intermediate bearings.


Design variants

RUBERG Screw Conveyors as welded steel sheet constructions. Head pieces have integrated or fitted bearings. Drive and bearing pins are sealed with floating ring seals, shaft sealing rings or packing glands.
Drive types include e.g. hollow-shaft drive motors, electric motors with elastic coupling, hydraulic motors, belt or chain drive.
The modular screw trough or pipe is flanged or welded in one piece. It consists of a thick-walled core pipe with coils welded on both sides.
Maintenance-free, automatically lubricated, or self-lubricating bearing materials are available for low screws.
For technical process use with heating or cooling sleeve and heated or cooled screw coils. Available as a mixed tool in special forms, e.g. paddle screws.

The normal steel version is primed for indoor use. A moisture-proof galvanised version is available for outdoor use. It is also available in stainless steel, pickled and passivised or ground and glass bead-blasted for special applications.

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