Conical Ribbon Blender

RUBERG Conical Ribbon Blenders are designed for producing critical dry material mixtures. Slow rotating mixing tools ensure gentle product treatment. The shape of the funnel offers maximum scope to arrange a number of process connections on top of the mixer as well as ensuring a residue-free emtying of the vessel.

Operation Method

The ribbon mixing tools are close toleranced with the mixing chamber lift large volumes of material upwards across the ourside wall and release it downwards into cavities developed in the middle. Simultaneously material is horizontally distributed by the mixing arms and is optimally homogenized and discharged through the central outlet at optimum mixing quality.

Design Options

RUBERG Conical Ribbon Blenders combine the functions of precise weighing and premixing of small- and medium sized components. RUBERG Conical Ribbon Blenders are made of stainless or special steel with high quality surface treatment.

Option – one large inspection door arranged laterally enabled convenient manual cleaning. For fully automatic operation there is a highly developed CIP system available.

  • Approved shape of funnel, various sizes available
  • Various materials and surface treatments available depending on product characteristics
  • Maintenance free shaft sealing
  • Free-floating, bearing-suspended mixing spiral
  • Large inspection and maintenance door
  • Weighing system and metering device
  • Cutting rotor for breaking down of agglomerates
  • Liquid addition by ISR system
  • Heating or cooling jacket with insulation

Technical information

Effective volume in litresTypeA
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
250RKB - 25010601240985740
500RKB - 500132014901240840
750RKB - 750150017801420950
1000RKB - 10001660194015651150
1500RKB - 15001880220018001350
2000RKB - 20002070237019701350
3000RKB - 30002300260023001500
RUBERG Conical Ribbon Blender of all sizes can be made to individual requirements. Likewise the inlets and outlets as well as the arrangement of the inspection door can be freely selected.
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